Dan Bevins

Deep, dark, dirty house is where it's at...


Hi, welcome to my site. I know I've been off the scene for about 2-3 years now having relocated to Sydney and doing a bit of backpacking along the way, all sorted now though and back into the DJing again so mixes should be coming online thick and fast from here on in.

Having sold my 1200's in the UK, I'm now getting into the digital age with a set of CD decks (see below), and my old Pioneer DJM-600 mixer which I got shipped over. Seeing as I'd recorded all my vinyl to MP3 before I left it saved me the job of shipping all my tunes over in one go, burning 1000+ tunes to CD individually has got to be the  most mind-numbing experience you could ever imagine though! Best part of the new CD decks is the fact that they have mini-vinyl plates on the top so you can scratch and everything so it's just like having records still so well chuffed with them!

Anyway, have a listen through the latest mixes I've done and see what you think, any feedback would be much appreciated. Feel free to sign up to receive updates from me when I put a new mix online and all which should be happening every month or so.